Nov. 24th, 2012

Will update and catch up more tomorrow or Sunday - all kinds of chaos over here, put on Thanksgiving yesterday and tomorrow is Aria's 3rd birthday, first party with other kids involved. Rented out a local play place, have been baking non-GMO cupcakes all day (pain in the butt, but aside from being icky, Aria seems to react badly to something that is found in most candies/frosting type crap so I'm guessing it might be the food coloring, I don't know) running around getting last minute crap in order, etc.

Bit of a bright spot, a friendly shopper on Black Friday! I was looking everywhere for a Leappad Explorer, and at the last place I was willing to look (and this was in the afternoon, I DO NOT take part in the crazytown that is the morning of Black Friday, and didn't mean to shop at all today but Matt's parents asked if we could grab a birthday gift for Aria from them and they'd reimburse us) I didn't see any on the shelf. I told my friend I should ask an employee since tomorrow is Aria's birthday and I really wanted to get her one, when a shopper came over and handed me one from his cart. He said he'd gotten the last one in stock but he'd give it to me since he still had a month before Christmas to get one. That was AWESOME!

couple more photos from Christmas tree festival earlier today )
And Aria showing a birthday gift from her grandparents, and decorating the tree at home
woohoo )



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