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"So let me get this straight - Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time,
Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage. Jesse James and Tiger Woods are screwing EVERYTHING -
yet the idea of same-sex marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage?"

Seriously? What the hell?

Re post to your page if you agree.
Quick update from phone. Did make it to seattle despite being sick. Went to aquarium and cruise yesterday plus some wandering around. Feeling a bit better today.

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Wooohooo, my life kicks ass :)

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Woohoo, I can fly to Seattle and back for less than $200 over the three day weekend coming in May. Going for it! :D
I'm going to see the film "earth" tonight. I can't wait!!! It looks so beautiful!
One banana
One serving frozen mango
3 generous spoonfuls of no sugar added vanilla bean dreyers ice cream
enough milk to make it smoothie textured

blend thoroughly

I'm so tired right now. Sick of the rain as well, heh. Maybe I got spoiled by being on vacation somewhere sunny for a week - but I don't think that's it. It's supposed to be spring right now, darnit. I guess on the one hand though, I'm glad for it - because it's helping all of the gorgeous flowers to come up :) I just wish I could have a little patch of sun though, at least.
Ick, extremely tired today :S I've had sinus headaches around this time of year, but only for the last two years. I wonder if what's been causing it. Did discover that a good bowl of curry clears it right up, so maybe I need something spicey today!

I'm writing a book, I've decided, I've been tossing plot around in my head for a couple of days and have some characters lined up, now just need to find the time. Going to do some brainstorming today since I've got a two hour gap between classes.
Exam tonight in geology, wish me luck! Am sure I'll do good :)
Hopefully 4th time is a charm. Posted taxes electronically for the fourth time today. First year filing joint, and first year Matt is filing at all 9he emigrated Aug 2007, and did not have a work permit until 2008 so all of his 2007 income was in UK, and no tax return was needed) some obvious snags have come up. Good thing we started on it early, instead of waiting until April!

I saw a humongous spider scurry into my laptop bag and now I'm scared to put my hand into it. It's odd, I was fine with all the bugs in CT and CA but most of the ones out here I don't want to touch, because they look quite different than the ones I grew up around. I used to play with insects constantly when I was little!
Yay! Matt and I are likely taking a mini-trip to Baker Oregon this weekend :) I want a Safeway fix, and we just want to get out of town briefly, in general. It's only about a two hour drive!

Valentine's Day was awesome! Repo the Genetic Opera was amazing, as was The PreSurgical Suite ballet that was on before the showing.

Have got first major exam for Geology course on Thursday, think it'll go well. I'm really enjoying my other Geology course though, currently learning about fossils and evolution in that class...

Finished anime series Ai Yori Aoshi, awww, I wish it were a longer series. Very good one.

Bought some resistance bands to exercise with. Have decided to cancel gym membership due to lack of time and whatnot, so have been alternating between Wii Fit, Pilates/aerobics, and now have got resistance bands with a very fun dvd to go with it...also got a cardio dance dvd but haven't quite got the coordination for that one, i'm working on it :) Have enough variety there for a mini gym, haha, and the resistance bands add quite a bit of ways to get in the toning you'd normally need a variety of gym machines for. I love it!

How is everyone?

Sorry, been so busy with school I've barely been updating, although I have been reading everyone's journals :)

Classes are going awesome, received a 7.5 out of 7.5 on my first Geology lab, average score according to Blackboard is 6.9. I've also got full marks on my first assignment in my online geology course, and full marks on the two assignments I've turned into my other geology course. Yup, taking two different Geology courses this semester, since I HAVE to pass this course I'm hoping the one geology course will help with the understanding of the other. Based on my first marks, I'm assuming this will be no problem!!

Weekend that just passed was quite fun. Went out with on Saturday to a film with a friend, then in the evening Matt and I met up with another friend for coffee. Sunday we met up with another friend to see Slumdog Millionaire and then went round to her place to visit for a bit.

Looking forward to it being in the 40's this week!
Yay!! I had such a fun time on vacation!

I'm back to work and it's first day of this semester at school, but even though I didn't get much sleep last night, am definitely feeling so refreshed!

Arrived Saturday early in the day, got rental car (black PT Cruiser, woo!) and hopped on the freeway (lots of construction around the airport though, ended up taking a wrong turn, and got to Milpitas, woops, that was only a fifteen minute-ish detour though), then headed over to the Valley Fair to grab breakfast and head to Lush. Hadn't brought shampoo, soap, etc with me 'cause had planned to go there and buy those items. Peeked in Sanrio and the Lego shop also!

Went from there to Tanya's (my cousin) house and visited for a bit with her and Cassie and Tris (her kids) and then went to go meet up with Winter and her boyfriend in downtown Mtn View for coffee, photo taking, visiting, etc. Went into some shops, then went back to my cousin's place. My aunt and uncle picked Matt and I up for dinner, spent a while visiting, etc, then called it a night.

Sunday morning went out hella early to meet up with Johnny and Winter downtown for coffee, breakfast, hanging out. Went into more shops, wandered around, had an awesome time. Left there about 1:30ish to go see Casper, toured Matt all the way down El Camino until it turned into Almeda, haha. All went over to Duke of Edinburgh for lunch (cornish pasty, yum), visited there for a long while, then Tina phoned up, and came down to meet with us. Went to Cupertino Square (Vallco), wandered, spent some time in the arcade there, then saw film "My Bloody Valentine" in 3-d.

Monday spent lots of time visiting with family, headed into Sunnyvale for lunch at Pasta Market and had a walk around Sunnyvale Community Center (it was 70F/21C, gorgeous gorgeous!) duck pond, showed Matt where I used to live, and had a very nice day. Went back for more visiting with family, then went to drop off rental car and go to airport. Flight was delayed about an hour and a half, but had coffee and dinner at airport and did some reading.

Great weekend!
Here is an except from the book I was talking about, on it's website. Seriously, the part of there is probably the best part of the book so far - and the rest is right up next to it, but this got me hooked. Read it :)
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