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I get a lot of weird flying dreams. Not cheesey like "oh look I'm soaring through the air!" dreams, but dreams - all in different circumstances - where I end up flying by running, then jumping, then sort of lingering where I've jumped to, then trying really hard to push up a bit more, like slow intervals of lifting until I'm floating in the air. I usually wake up from those dreams feeling very tired afterwards, some of them feel spiritual, some feel draining and panicked. Very odd dreams....one that stands out is being in a house, with some friends of mine, and I was trying to reach Puzzel (my cat that passed away last year), she was up on what I think was the wall dividing the rooms, I could see the top of the wall as if looking into the model of a roofless house...she was sitting on the top of that wall looking down at the floor in the room, and at the same time that I could see the house from above, I was standing on the floor in it, jumping up, and up, and I had a sense of my feet burning....scary, but when my hand reached her I felt a soothing cooling sensation.
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I have a thumbprint shaped one on my right calf, outer side of it. I also have what looks like a single tattoo dot on my rear :P

Anyhoo, that was fun, I've never answered one of the writer's block questions before.

Got the latern hung in the restroom yesterday, the shelf put together, and the towel rack hung :D Pictures later!



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